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Santandrea e la Camerata Veneziana
(Santandrea and the Venectian Comrade)

Ed. Crotalo - 2005

There are passed the times when the musical culture of the Italians was constructed mostly on the songs from juke-box or listened from the commercial radios. Accomplice the school and the general rise of the culture is normal that our young people strum, if not even they play praiseworthy, a musical instrument, reading music more than running after the ear.

Despite this, it exists a musical term in a position to generating prejudgment at the only pointing out: "lyric". The two possible scenes, polulated of "ultras" worthy of soccer: the passionate purists, ready to beat on the hands at every exhibition also a bit imprecise, and the bothered ones, than at the only thought of "whales that make verses" twist the nose and yawn. This disc of Rodolfo probably will not trigger the enthusiasms neither of firsts (too much light) neither of the others (is however lyric), but it can sure represent an optimal meeting land. With this affirmation I do not hide a sure worry in review "Santandrea and the Venectian Comrade": not possessing the musical competences of a supporter team, neither the natural allergy of the others risk to made damage to both, but of it I do not apologise.

From the Internet forum of the Conservatory of Brescia we learn that: "the Venectian Comrade is born in the context of the Large School of Saint Maurizio in Venice and is founded from Rodolfo Santandrea, Bass-Barytone that, in this formation of purist acoustic character, beyond having carried out the opera adaptations weaves a harmonic plan to the little guitar with the brilliant Luca Bonucci at the harpsichord. Santandrea is supported at the bundle from Javier Gonzalez, of Cordoba (Argentine), who maintains vitals the continuous carrying to the airs and the recital participations. The organic is integrated from splendid flute of Massimo Ghetti that designs the melodic lines with the bearing tempered from the great experience like first part of orchestra. Clarinet of Valerio Dragoni completes the formation with singular elegance inserting his own voice inside of the body of the woods and allowing in this way the work of the trios in the orchestrates songs and in the intervals between the lyric rooms".

Coming down to a plan of job analysis more elementary, I can assure that the disc surprises for the extreme lightness and freshness. A feeling that accompanies all the proposals songs, independently from the fact that the same ones are famous or are faced for the first time. The choice of the instruments, theirs balanced mixture of whole, the perfect mix with the voice is, independently from the musical selection, the secret of this fascination. Sure at the whole picture contributes also the choice of the directory, mostly centered on Mozart but that it spaces from Gluck to Rossini, with aiming for Verdi and the Capurro \ Di Capua of " O sole mio" ; a selection not too much "flatter" not too much technical, light, but without no concession to the Pop. Other meaningful confirmation the voice of Rodolfo that enunciates for a lyric ability that become makes actor shading, able of baroque volture at every passage. To signal as the cd proposes material recorded live.
Funny music, therefore, made amusing itself and in order to amuse, in the conviction that the opera can be made popular without having itself to sell off in formulas from supermarket.

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