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Situation, musically speaking, analogous to that described for the Qdisc and the 45 RPM vinyl. Rodolfo continues to astonish and to propose his own mixture of drafts, so far from the musical habits of the Italians. All his songs of the disc, with the single collaboration with Cocciante for the song of Sanremo, thing that noticed how the material was already ready and independently constructed before the experience at the festivala.

In notes of the cover Rodolfo precises that the disc has been recorded during of his first long permanence in the city of Rome and that great part of the material is realized for television and radio transmissions of nets R.A.I. Material that goes beyond the pure one to be song, for various scopes. To notice how in the disc Rodolfo uses some revolutionary musical intuitions for the timea: the spoken one decidedly makes rap, insertion of external sounds (today would speak about samplings), cohabitation of various vocal and musical formulations, wide classic citations.
The disc has been re-published on cd in 2003 from Crotalo

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Is the song of the album more contaminated from the classic directory, at the same time nearer the most particular style of Klaus Nomi. A mix of punk and lyric air that, at the times, could only upset.

Melanchonic dance on the memory. Electronic music for a refrain that it would not have disfigured in the directory of the Bench: "When I will be adult I want to go to see where it goes to end the sun, there will be then some place where finally it can be touched."

It is the piece more "Traditional" of the disc, typical acclimatizations of the 80´s, particularly obvious in the refain. In the final light point out of a "vampire" in full coherence with the image of the cover.

The more obvious musical references of the piece are the Franco Battiato of the origins and the Italian progressive. Song of great engagement vowel with dared and extreme passages.

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